ByBenji Biltong Training Treats 80g




Our training treats are fast becoming the choice of pet parents and industry professionals alike.

Bite sized pieces of pure silverside beef , uniquely marinated to create an intensity of flavour , which makes this the ultimate high value jackpot treat and reward and recall optimum product.

Made from nothing but pure silverside of beef, this air cured treat stays dry in the hand and keeps it’s flavour and texture from the first bag opening.

Full of flavour , the aroma captures the attention of your dog , so the ideal training tool.

Training treats are the perfect choice to be stuffed in a treat toy of enjoyed straight from the bag.


Our Biltong has been tested microbiologically suitable for humans, but we only sell to the dog market.

It is safe to eat from puppy to senior for all breeds and sizes.

We produce and manufacture in the United Kingdom.

You won’t find any of the following in our products:

No Gluten

No Corn

No Wheat


No Soya

No Artificial Flavourings

No Carbohydrates