Frequentlu Asked Questions

Below are a selection of the most frequently asked questions from our customer.

What is our Matting Policy?

Shaving a matted dog will dramatically change their appearance as their hair will be short and close to the skin.

The welfare of your pet is paramount, therefore, please be advised that if, during the shaving process your dog becomes distressed or exhausted, we reserve the right to stop and ask you to bring the dog back at a later date to complete the process.  Please note there will be an additional charge for any additional time outside the allowed grooming time booked in.

Please also be advised that if your dog becomes stressed or is aggressive, we again reserve the right to stop the process as your dog may need assistance from a vet, i.e sedation, to complete the shaving process, as removing matts can cause a lot of pain for the dog.  Please note that the full price will still be charged.

Due to the nature of a matted coat, some mats may be very tight and close to the skin, therefore you dog is at greater risk of injury, i.e clipper rash, nicks to the skin etc.  Whilst every precaution will be taken to prevent this, we cannot be held liable for any injury caused during the shaving process.  Also, we cannot be held liable for any existing conditions or problems uncovered during the shaving process.  In the interest of you pet, we request your permission to obtain veterinary treatment should it be necessary.

Be advised that after the process, you may see a few temporary changes with regards to your dog’s behaviour.  This is due to the skin being under a blanket of fur which can be tight in some places and cause the blood to rush to the surface, once it’s released from the mats.  They may race around the house, roll around or shake their head.  These are all natural reactions and should stop after a couple of days.  You may notice your pet’s skin is red and possible sore in places; this will subside after a couple of days, as the skin returns to normal.

How much will my Groom cost?

Cost of appointments very much varies, between the size of the dog, the breed, the type of coat, therefore please just call or message us and we will be happy to quote you.

How often should my dog be groomed?

This most certainly depends on your breed of dog and how much your dog is brushed at home too. Many breeds should be seen between 6-8 weeks maximum to help prevent matting and keep the coat in good condition.  we do recommend 4-6 week gaps for breeds with longer and thicker coats.  In addition to this most breeds should be washed and have their nails trimmed every 12 weeks.

How do I know when my dog is finished?

Once you have arrived for your appointment, we will give you an indication of what time to be back for.  If this changes at all during the grooming time then we will contact you to advise you of the earlier or later collection.

Should I walk my dog before or after their appointment?

We always recommend that your dog is or has been walked prior to coming in for their doggie spa appointment.  This allows them to burn of some of their excess energy and excitement and also gives them the opportunity to go to the toilet, although we do not recommend the walk is too long as the Spa appointment in itself can be tiring.

Once your dog leaves the spa, it is probably best that they stay at home for the remainder of that day.  Being groomed can open up the pores of your dogs skin and can make them more susceptible to skin infections for a very short period of time.  Most dogs are tired after their spa appointment and will probably appreciate a snuggly time indoors for the reminder of that day.

How long does an appointment normally take?

Most dogs will take between 1.5 and 2 hours for their full doggie spa session, however if your dog is particularly large or has a much thicker coat then the appointment will take longer.  Also dogs that have not been groomed for sometime or are particularly fidgety when being groomed can also lengthen the time of the appointment, which ensures that your dog receives a good quality finish.

My Dogs Skin Is Very Sensitive - Can He/She Still Have a Groom?

Absolutely, our highest priority is the well-being of your dog.  We have specific mild shampoos that are very gentle on your dogs skin.  Please always let us know if your dog suffers from a skin condition so that we can keep our records up to date and ensure we can give the best care.

Should I still have my dog groomed in the winter?

Many people would assume that dogs only need grooming in the warmer weather months, however it is just as important to look after their coat and skin in the winter.  Wet and muddy fur can become matted far more easily and matted coats do not dry out as easily which can lead to your dog staying cold for longer.  If your dog will spend more time indoors, it is also advisable to keep it at a particular length as to prevent overheating from central heating.  

My dog can sometimes act a little strange after their groom, why is that?

Grooming can be tiring for a lot of dogs, through constant handling and standing.  This can cause them be a little like cranky or hyper if they are over tired.  this is perfectly normal and they should be back to themselves by the next day.

My dog hates the groomers, would it be better if I didn't bring him so often?

We would advise the opposite being the case.  The more the dog is bought into the Boutique and Spa (even if you're just passing), they will get more used to the sounds and smells.  Also the longer you leave it the more tangled or matted your dog could become and then this makes their experience more stressful each time.  We would advise alternating between a Bath & Brush Treatment and a Grooming appointment regularly which will help them get used to the environment.

What if I don't like my dogs new haircut?

Please tell us, we won;t be offended and it is the only way we will learn to get the groom 100% right for you.  We keep detailed records of each time we groom your dog, so we can work on the right look together.  Sometimes due to the condition of your dogs coat, we will need to perform a clip off.  We will not do this without speaking with you first.  Once the clip off has been performed we can then discuss how best to groom your dog to prevent tangling and matting again in the future.  On some occasions we may have to refuse clipping off part of or all of the coat, see our matting policy regarding this.  We will also encourage you to book your dogs next appointment so that we can help keep his/her coat in good condition.

My dog has just been spayed/neutered, can they still be groomed?

We would advise to wait until your dog is fully recovered before they come back for a groom.  By all means if you know your spay/neuter appointment is booked, feel free to book in a week or so before this is done and then this can help keep the coat and skin still in good condition for you.

When should I start having my dog Professionally groomed?

If it’s a puppy, ideally this should be when they are around 12 weeks old and after all their
inoculations have been completed. We offer puppy pampers which are a great way of getting your dog used to the environment, the equipment, smells, sounds and are shorter and gentler sessions in the grooming environment. We also specialise in working compassionately with nervous or older dogs taking account of their individual care and grooming needs.

Do you groom large or heavy dogs?

Of course, we have an electric grooming table to raise and lower dogs which places them at the correct height for grooming and our bath also fits most large dogs.

Do you groom aggressive or difficult dogs?

Keeping an animal calm is part and parcel of a groomer’s experience, knowing how to handle
and talk to your pet will solve 99% of problems. Muzzles will be used only as a last resort
and if required, will only be applied for a very short part of the process. It is very rare to find
an ‘un-groomable dog’ but if we come across any serious problems during a visit we will of
course discuss them with you so we can agree a solution together. Should a dog become too
aggressive or unhappy we would discontinue the grooming and return it to the owner. If
your dog is unhappy being grooming, you may need to consider having a veterinary groom
under sedation.